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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Reasons Why Camera Memory Cards Malfunction:

Like their hard drive big brothers memory cards fail for a variety of reasons and their resultant failures mean that the data stored on them is not accessible to the user. We are asked on a regular basis to help recover the data from memory cards as it is often of a sentimental nature. Many business users also use memory cards in their day to day business dealings; architects, building contractors, photographers, and loss adjustors being among them. A memory card can fail because it’s internal hardware, or firmware governing its use, has failed. But in addition to that memory cards also have the added problem of their fragility. Being small and made of some of the smallest components available memory cards are often damaged unintentionally by their owners whilst going about their daily routines. With this in mind we here at are able to help recover your data if it has been left inaccessible as the result of damaged hardware.

Camera Memory Card Physically Unable To Store Or Retrieve Data:

There are few memory card data recovery specialists in the UK, and as one of them we are considered to be the best and most reliable when it comes to recovering their data. Our experts are capable of recovering data from memory cards that are no longer capable of physically storing information because of damage caused to the internal workings. This is often the result of damage caused by dropping the card, submerging it, or exposing it to very high or very cold temperatures. With this in mind we are able to recover the data from the flash memory chips contained inside the memory card when they have been rendered inaccessible as a result of damage to the components attached to them such as so-called ‘floating gates’ that allow for the passing of information along the thin layer of oxide between flash chips.

Camera Memory Card Electronics Fried:

The electronic circuitry within a memory card can be easily and permanently damaged if it is exposed to high levels of electrical current or extreme heat or severe cold. Many users find their memory card suddenly inaccessible if they have left it in direct sunlight for a long period or near a radiator or other heat-generating device. Indeed a memory card may also be damaged beyond repair if it has been subject to exposure to currents generated by a power surge.

Camera Memory Card Found To Be Blank Or Inaccessible:

It can happen that a user may insert their memory card into a card reader only to find that there is no data on it. This may come as a shock as the data was visible last time they accessed it. The resultant loss of data may be the end product of an inadvertent deletion or formatting of the card without the user’s knowledge. Although many might like to think they are beyond accidentally deleting their data sadly we are none of us without the ability to make a mistake and the process can be carried out before the mistake is spotted. However we at can help recover data lost by accidental error so if you find that your memory card has suddenly become blank please contact us.

Windows Or Mac OS Not Reading Or Writing To Camera Memory Card:

Just like a hard drive may become unrecognisable to its operating system so too can a memory card. This may be the result of a problem with the operating system itself or because of an issue with the memory card’s own firmware. Indeed issues can arise if the memory card has been formatted or had files written to it from a computer operating a different system version; therefore causing conflicts between the Read/Write files on the memory card. We are often asked by our clients to help recover data from memory cards that have been deemed unreadable or unrecognisable by the operating system on the computer on which their access has been requested.

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