External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drive Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
External Hard Drive Recovery

Software Fault £199

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Reasons For The Failure of Your External Hard Disk Drive:

As with internal hard drives, external HDDs are prone to problems relating to the failure of hardware and software as well as conflicts with the operating systems to which they are connected. With this in mind we at Reading data recovery are on hand to help both new and old clients with their external hard drive problems in whatever form they occur. With our primary goal being the safe recovery of your data to.

External Hard Drive Board & Ribbon Cable Failure:

Each and every hard drive, be it an external HDD or an internal one, is attached to a ribbon cable that allows for the sending and receiving of commands between the motherboard and the drive itself. In addition to this the ribbon cable has the function of transferring the data that you, the user, have created and wish to save or access from the drive. Problems can arise with these ribbon cables if they become twisted within the drive caddy or if they begin to fall loose from the drive after continued long term usage which result in too much internal heat being produced.

External Hard Drive Internal Electronics Report A Fail:

The internal electronics of an external hard drive is something that a lot of users do not concern themselves with. The electronics may be small capacitors, resistors or onboard chips that allow for the processing of information as it passed along an intricate maze of soldered circuits. When failures occur with these electronics then it is likely that the hard drive will report a fail and may cease to allow for the storage and retrieval of data. With this in mind we at Reading data recovery are here to help diagnose the problem and recover your data in the shortest time possible with the highest success rate in the Reading area.

External HDD Onboard Firmware Out Of Date or Suffering Incompatibility Issues:

Firmware is by its very nature one of the most important components when it comes to how your hard drive operates. Even though firmware is not a physical thing and resides as a program on the hard drive, it has the purpose of sending information to and from the computer as to how the computer and hard drive should operate in conjunction with each other. A failure in the operational processes of the firmware can often lead to a loss of data as well as the loss of functionality in the hard drive; leaving the user with a computer that may find itself in a perpetual warm reboot cycle.

External Hard Drive Causing Blue Screen or Inadvertent Reboot With Operating System:

The external hard drive that you use in tandem with your desktop PC or laptop works on the proviso that all of the information contained on it – relating to the system itself – is safe and all present and correct. Errors occur between the operating system and the external hard drive when the operating system becomes either corrupt or reports corruptibility between devices. This happens when a ‘Logical Error’ occurs; a problem arising from corrupted system files or bad disk sectors that the operating system and corresponding disk utilities cannot read. We at Reading data recovery have spent a lengthy portion of our 15 years in existence dealing with the problems caused by an inability to communicate between operating system and attached peripheral devices.

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