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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have an Iomega portable or external hard drive, which was working well until recently, when I accidently formatted it in order to remove old files. However, since I have completed the formatting, I am not able to operate the drive and access my files. Each time I plug it in, the computer tells me that I have to format it before operating, but then will not let me do anything else. I can click on to the Properties box, and see that the drive has no bites, but I cannot name it. Even though it won’t allow me to rename the drive, when I try to close down the properties window, it wouldn’t do so without me giving the drive a new name. I have tried running data recovery software against the hard drive but does not recover any files. This means that I am stuck in limbo, trying to name the file, and being asked to by the computer, but not being able to do anything. The Iomega hard drive is completely inoperable, as I can do nothing with it. So I would like some advice about what to do next.


I have an older Iomega silver series hard drive with 320gb of memory. However, I have recently experienced a little bit of a problem with getting on to the drive icon. The problems began when I changed the name of the drive. It had worked well with the old name, but I had another drive with a very similar title, and sometimes got confused between them and now I cannot access the Iomega drive. Deciding to change the name seemed like the best solution, but I have had nothing but problems with access since then. The disk management seems to have trouble finding the drive, even though it is plugged in and blinking, and I also seem to have trouble getting the right drive letter for my Iomega Silver Series. There was no problem before, but since I changed the name, everything seems much harder. Although I tried to change the name back to the original in Properties, I was told that this move was invalid. The disk manager seems to think that this is a completely different drive from the original name.