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Synology Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Synology Recovery

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Reasons For The Failure of Your Synology External Hard Disk Drive:

As with internal hard drives, an external Synology HDD can crash and this can be for many different reasons, with signs of malfunction such as strange sounds, unreadable card or inaccessible data, or the drive working slowly. If you experience and external hard drive malfunction, you need to stop using the device and get the fault diagnosed by a data recovery professional with experience in external hard drive data recovery as this will reduce the chance of losing your data. We will now go through some of the common reasons that we are contacted for external hard drive data recovery:

Synology External Hard Drive Board & Ribbon Cable Failure:

All hardware has a life span and will wear out from time to time, and when this happens you will notice certain tell-tale signs such as sounds coming from the drive. Beep sounds or humming can often indicate motor failure and clicking sounds usually mean that the read and write heads are malfunctioning, but it can also be a sign of a faulty ribbon cable. Hard drive clicking sounds are the most common reason that we are called to recover data from an external hard drive and we have successfully been able to recover data from Synology external hard drives with strange sounds coming from them.

Synology External Hard Drive Internal Electronics Report A Fail:

Although power surges are not very common in the UK, they do sometimes happen. Your external hard drive’s circuit board can become damaged if a power surge occurs while your computer is plugged in or if it is plugged into the wrong power accidentally, resulting in a dead Synology hard drive. We have a high success rate with data recovery from a dead hard drive.

Synology HDD Onboard Firmware Out Of Date or Suffering Incompatibility Issues:

Sometimes issues can occur after updating firmware causing your hard drive to become inaccessible. This is because the firmware (which is permanent software on the hard drive) is responsible for allowing the hard drive and computer to talk to each other, so if it becomes corrupted this communication cannot happen. Firmware is normally held on disk platters within the hard drive and so other firmware issues can come from damaged platters and this can cause the external hard drive to fail even if the other parts of the external HDD are OK. We are extremely successful in data recovery from external hard disks with firmware issues and failed disk platters.

Synology Hard Drive Causing Blue Screen or Inadvertent Reboot With Operating System:

External hard drives that cannot be read from or that are inaccessible are usually degraded or worn out and you can normally tell by the hard drive disappearing from view in the folder or error messages. This can occur due to bad sectors being incorrectly allocated or can mean that the hard drive is corrupted and cannot have data transferred on or off of it. We are able to offer data recovery from inaccessible Synology HDDs and unreadable external hard drives.

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