Dell Power Edge Recovery


I recently fitted four hard drives into our Dell Server Array, and created a RAID 5 configuration on those drives using the Intel controller which is built into my PC. I saved some data to the drives, and everything seemed to be fine. However, shortly afterwards, the server started reporting a power problem, and I had to shut off the array while I checked this out. When I rebooted the array, I was not able to view the data which had previously been in the drives. I only get a notice which says that the drive is degraded, and that the array has failed. I have tried rebooting, but this has not worked, and I am worried about doing anything further in case it damages the data that I have. I don’t want to risk losing that data, as it is more important to me than the drives or the array itself.


We are using a HP Proliant server array which has 3 drives configured into a RAID 5 system. We thought that this was the best way to save my data, since we would always have a backup. However, we are having a problem with one of the drives in this array. When we go into Disk Utility, we see that two of the drives in the configuration have been listed as Offline, or Offline Member. We decided to shut down and reboot the array, but when we turned it back down, only one of the drives is labelled as RAID, the others are Incompatible or Offline. We have a lot of data saved to this RAID 5 array, as that was the whole purpose of building this system. We have tried a rebuild, but the computer is reporting an Unknown error. This means that we are not able to see the data on the drives, and have so far not been able to recover a single document.