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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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USB Memory Stick Documented Complications:

The USB memory stick has been considered by many to be one of the most important advances in data storage. With the sizes of the internal storage increasing whilst the actual package has remained the same; the USB memory stick has now become the staple of business people, students and a variety of others who spend their time accessing data and saving it on the move. USB sticks often develop similar problems to their larger counterparts and with this in mind we at find ourselves called upon almost daily to help recover data from USB sticks that have suffered damage to their internal components because of physical force or because the onboard firmware has failed.

USB Memory Stick Physical Crash:

Physical damage to a USB stick can be catastrophic. Dropping, bending, snapping, standing on or submerging in water are all well known and familiar ways in which a USB stick can be damaged and here at we are often asked to retrieve data that has been rendered unobtainable as a result. We have sophisticated memory chip reading equipment and software as well as a wealth of experience to fall back on in order to help recover data from devices that have been afflicted with some of the aforementioned problems.

USB Memory Stick Onboard Electronics Non-Responsive:

The electronic elements of a USB stick are small and very complex in their design and use. Indeed damage to such components can render the device unusable and before the advent of data recovery such devices would have probably ended up being thrown away and all data contained on them deemed lost forever. We at can recover this data having diagnosed the problem and how it relates to the electronic elements of your USB stick. We may even be able to repair the USB stick itself but our primary concern is saving the data saved on it if it has been rendered inaccessible as the result of sufficient damage to the semiconductors, flash NAND chip and capacitors.

Accidental Formatting or Deletion of USB Stick:

We find that we are asked to recover data that has been lost as a result of accidental loss. USB sticks have a write protect circuit within them that stops the data from being accidentally deleted by the operating system to which it has been attached but this circuit can be, and often is, overridden by the user in error. The same principle applies when it comes to formatting a USB stick and as result all of the data contained on it is considered gone. At however we are able to recover this data using sophisticated recovery techniques and a wealth of knowledge gathered by our experts over a great many years.

USB Memory Stick No Longer Reading Or Writing To Its Full Potential:

It is unfortunately the case that you may never know the moment when your USB memory stick will cease to function. The degradation of a USB memory stick may occur as a result of persistent use and/or formatting and reformatting or as the general outcome of old age. But there are times when the degradation of a USB stick may be the result of faulty onboard components that have failed to show any signs of failure to operating systems. If however your USB stick causes problems to the host machine upon attaching it then you should consider this as the precursor to a failure. Some failures may cause the notorious ‘BSOD’ or may cause the computer to reboot. Such a reboot may only result in the computer only being restarted in safe mode so if this is something that has happened to you recently upon plugging in your USB stick then we suggest there is a problem with the removable device and would strongly advise against its continued use. We would also suggest contacting us here at with a view to having us recovering your data before it becomes permanently unobtainable.

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