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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Kingston Data Traveler 16GB USB Flash Drive
I have a problem with my data traveler from Kingston, it is the 16GB version. I bought this because I have not encountered problems with previous Kingston flash drive in the past. I have a total of about 5 drives and 4 of them are Kingston. I have noticed something different of this flash drive than the previous ones. This seems to have a very slow copy/transfer rate. Because this is my flash drive with the largest capacity, I use this as my primary flash drive. The transfer rate is disturbingly slow and then one day it just started to not copy items at all. Like it would start to transfer but midway through the transfer, it would prompt that the copy wasn’t successful and then go back to the drawing board. I would like to have data recovery on this Kingston drive so that I would be able to transfer it to my older ones.

Kingston Data Traveler 32GB
I have a Kingston Data Traveler 32GB that I bought just a few weeks ago. I noticed that it gets noticeably hot after being plugged in for a little bit of time. Usually, this happens when I transfer large files 10GB (on average) on it. Not only does it take a longer time to load on it but it gets really really hot – like I know it’s not supposed to do that kind of hot – beyond the usual operating heat. Then one day, it just stopped operating, like it just wouldn’t get detected at all. Please help me recover my data from the flash drive, I would like to be able to get the larger files on the stick back as there are crucial edits on the files here that aren’t available on another computer.