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Often Encountered PC Hard Drive Woes:

Has your PC suddenly started to behave in a way that is out of character for it? Has it started rebooting without warning? Has it been slow in saving data for you or retrieving it? Have you encountered the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’? If the answer to any of the aforementioned questions is Yes then we recommend you contact us here at www.readingdatarecovery.co.uk. These are just some of the precursors to what generally is the failure of your hard drive and as a result the potential loss of the data contained therein. We have a decade and a half’s experience in dealing with the recovery of data from hard drives that have experienced problems such as those we have listed and are well aware of the level of disruption that such a failure can cause.

PC Hard Drive Head & Platter Degradation:

Many people consider the sound being made by their PC’s hard drive as being nothing more than the result of the computer being moved slightly or because the hard drive has been overworked. Indeed in many instances users have switched off their PC thinking this noise is a hard drive’s cry for a rest only to discover on switching it back on that the drive is no longer capable of functioning. To this end, the sound of metal grinding against metal or what sounds like something flapping in the breeze, should be considered an audible precursor to a drive fault and every effort should be made to save your data. Sadly though even though many of us intend to do so, many of us forget to make a backup or simply say it will keep until tomorrow, and therein lies their problem if the hard drive’s Read/Write head or platters have degraded to such an extent that for them tomorrow will never come. The platters spinning inside the hard drive are susceptible to extremely long periods of use without any downtime and can be corrupted if scratched or scraped, something that can happen if the Read/Write head is dislodged from its axis.

PC Hard Drive Internal Workings At Fault:

As well as the problems caused by the failure of Read/Write heads, actuator arms, platters spinning out of control or having their thin ceramic or glass layers damaged, there are also the problems of faulty electronics to contend with. Such problems can take the form of overheated capacitors, resistors or chips that are no longer to allow the passing of valuable commands from one printed circuit to another. At www.readingdatarecovery.co.uk we not only deal with problems relating to loss of data because of hardware but also because of damage to the electronics and the circuits on the PCBs that dictate how a hard drive functions within the confines of the computer it is attached to.

PC Hard Drive Firmware Upgrade Needed:

Many users don’t stop to consider the importance of firmware; and indeed many users are unaware of its existence but we at www.readingdatarecovery.co.uk believe that firmware that should be revered for the role it plays in your hard drive’s day to day ability to function. Of course there are occasions when this firmware, for reasons not of its own making, can no longer function in the manner it was designed and so we are asked to help recover data from these drives. Firmware can become corrupted as the result of a power surge which, of course, the user has no control over. In addition to this the firmware may become outdated if the devices to which it is attached have been replaced. If you are unable to access your hard drive and it shows all signs that it is receiving power in the normal way then it may be the case that the firmware is in need of attention. Contact us here at www.readingdatarecovery.co.uk and we will be happy to help you with your firmware issues as well as the recovery of any data lost as the result of faulty firmware.

PC Hard Drive Suffering From NTFS or FAT32 Operating System Setbacks:

Depending on the operating system you are using, the File Allocation Table may be one or two formats, if a Windows-based system. For PC users that are still running the Windows 98 system (and we have encountered quite a lot that still are) then the operating system’s FAT files are designated FAT32. For Windows-based operating systems beyond this they are generally NTFS (based on the Windows NT setup) and just like FAT32 can be prone to failure or misgivings if problems arise with the system files and/or DLL files (Dynamic Link Library). Such files can allow for the malfunction of a hard drive especially at the boot-up stage, and when trying to resolve the issue by reinstalling the operating system, many users find that the data they have on their desktops (particularly anything in the My Documents folders or personally named folders where user-created data is kept) is deleted. With this in mind however the data although gone is still available for us at www.readingdatarecovery.co.uk to recover and we heartily recommend you contact us with a view to helping you do just that.

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