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I have an old Windows XP computer which I decided to upgrade to Windows 8. I upgraded all of my hardware, including the processor, the motherboard, and the memory. I then put the new OS onto a new hard drive, keeping the old OS in the older drive. This seemed to be working fine, and I had a partition which allowed me to use either Windows XP or Windows 8. Eventually, I decided that I would not use XP any more, and so I chose to remove all of the data from the XP, and put it onto Windows 8, where I could monitor it more closely. I did this, and then formatted the drive to clear out the XP operating system. I rebooted the computer to go into my Windows 8 operating system, and found that I could not boot, being presented with a screen which said ‘operating system not found’. I have tried to change the primary location so that the new drive is chosen first, but it is not working.


I wanted to install a Windows 7 64-bit operating system onto my computer, but have experienced some problems. The computer is brand-new, and has never had an OS running on it, so there are no clashes. I used the Windows 7 OS for several months, but suddenly, I am getting a message saying that the computer cannot find device drivers for the CD drive. I have also installed Ubuntu into the system, and this is working fine. However, I have data on the Windows 7 OS which I very much want to keep. I thought that it would be protected by the hard drive, but if I can’t open the OS, then I can’t see the data. I don’t want to lose the data that I have in the drive.