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Laptop Hard Drive Recognised Faults:

There are a multitude of reasons that one could sight when asked to diagnose why a laptop’s hard drive has failed. To this end we at Reading Data Recovery spend a lot of our time helping our clients do just that and also recovering lost data from these drives. Laptop drives, just as with the drives inside a desktop PC, can fail because of issues relating to the hardware that operates inside them, software incompatibilities, or a combination of both. With these factors taken into consideration and the speed with which we deal with them, it is hardly surprising that we are the premier Data Recovery provider in the Reading area.

Laptop Hard Drive Hardware Flaws:

Within a hard drive there are many components that operate with a particular uniformity. When these components stop responding or begin to act in ways that are different from the norm then one can expect the potential loss of data to occur as well as a hard drive failure. Hard drive components are generally very small and as such difficult to replace or repair which makes the issue of a faulty hard drive all the more complicated. Recovering data may be achieved by Reading Data Recovery using specialist equipment, software and years of experience; but sadly there is no fix for the loss of an actuator arm, damage to the Read/Write heads or a scratched or scraped platter.

Laptop Hard Drive Electronic Problems:

Power surges are something that happens a lot without you, the user, even noticing; except that is when you are in the process of using your laptop. While you might spend a lot of your time using the battery-generated power of your laptop there will be times when you have to use it whilst plugged into the mains. This is when a power surge can cause a problem. We have always recommended, to our clients, the use of a surge protection unit which will reduce the risk of a surge causing damage to onboard devices such as hard drives, RAM, the CPU and the motherboard itself. However it is not always the case where our clients are in a position to do so a sudden surge may lead to a problem. Also if you try using a generic and unfamiliar power unit with your laptop an incapability with currents may occur. These potential problems raised by an expected power surge can also extend to the damage to the on-board electronics of the computer’s hard drive; rendering it incapable of being accessed and leaving the user with no way of retrieving their data.

Laptop Hard Drive Firmware Degraded or Not Compatible With Existing Tech:

The firmware on your hard drive may be something that you are unfamiliar with as are many of the computer users who ask us here at Reading Data Recovery for help. Firmware exists with one purpose to fulfil and that is to send a series of commands that tell the computer how to react to the attached hard drive and also explain to the hard drive how it should behave in relation to the devices it is attached to. The firmware works on the same principle as the software built into your tablet device, your smart phone, your Sat-Nav or any other device that performs a series of functions upon start-up after being switched off. And just as the firmware in these devices may fail or become outdated then so too can the firmware that controls the functions of your hard drive.

Your Operating System’s Refusal To Acknowledge Your Laptop HDD:

Most of us never consider the possibility that a hard drive failure might be down to the operating system but it is a problem that does arise. With this in mind it is worth remembering that operating system failures can occur if files have been corrupted by an incorrect installation or if the files have suffered corruption whilst being moved during a defragmentation. While many might consider the defragmentation of a hard drive as a good thing (and we are not suggesting that it is not) there are instances when it can cause a slowly manifesting problem to take a sudden hold and render the drive inoperable. Should this occur, contacting us at Reading Data Recovery, is the first step to recovering your data from an unresponsive hard drive.

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