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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I am running a Gateway laptop which recently stopped booting into Windows 7. As I am not shy around computers, I decided to try and reboot it by doing a recovery install. I have specialist recovery disks which I bought from Gateway, and which are designed to work specially for my model, the NV55. When I started up the recovery process, it seemed fine. The system ran through the disks, and there were no problems reported. It is only once the disks have finished that I see that there are still problems with the system. When the recovery files have loaded, and the computer is working through them, I get a message which says that the process has got stuck on loading, reporting a hitch at sector 18/44. This is a driver for the camera which is included in the system. I have tried this recovery method twice, and am still having problems at the same place. I can’t get any further into recovery, and at the moment I am also not able to get into Windows 7 without the recovery process being completed so hence I need the files recovered.


About 3 years ago, I had an old HP laptop which suddenly stopped working. I decided at the time that I did not have enough money to get the data recovered but I do now. I am wondering if I could possibly get the data out of my old hard drive. I took out the hard drive from the old laptop, and connected it through a SATA enclosure to the new laptop, using the USB link. I then ran the new laptop to see if the data was still there. The laptop can see the hard drive, and even recognises it as one which has formerly been used by the HP system. However, all of the data that I can see on the drive is one file, named RECOVERY.