Case Study 1: Macbook Air – Burnt Our Electronics

Macbook Air was being used by a sales rep when he was offsite and doing his rounds with potential clients. One day without warning while the client was using the Mac Air, the Mac made a beep sound and then shut down. There was also a burning type smell coming from the laptop. Knowing that something serious was wrong the client brought the laptop into his IT Dept to get them to look at the Mac Air. The IT Dept removed the hard drive and put it into a caddy but it did not go into a ready state, the drive was completely dead and there was also a burning smell coming from the hard drive.

We diagnosed the hard drive had electronic failure. We upgraded the PCB on the hard drive and firmware code and imaged all sectors on the hard drive. We then extracted data from the image file and backed up data to a 500gb portable hard drive.

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