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Buffalo Data Recovery


I suffered the loss of my Buffalo Linkstation 1TB when the enclosure was damaged, and the parts started falling out. There is no damage to the drives or the disks, but there are more than 200gb of video and movie files on the Buffalo Linkstation that I want to retain. I thought that the best option would be to run the drives using an external drive enclosure, connecting it through USB and linking it to the PC. When I do this, I can see all of the drive letters, including the one which has most of the memory installed on it, all described as RAW files. I can’t run this drive, nor open any of the others, and in fact my computer seems very stressed when I try to do that, giving me a message with a big ‘X’, and stating that the connection is invalid. While I want to recover the files which are on the drive, I don’t really want to have to purchase another Linkstation or similar NAS system. I only want to extract the files and put them on another external drive which I have available.


My Buffalo Linkstation suddenly died, with no response at all. I have saved a lot of data on this, including some 2-week stuff which has not been backed up. So while some of my files and folders (about 50%) are already backed up to a third hard drive, I would still like to recover as much of the data on my Linkstation as possible. I chose to take the drives out of the Linkstation, since it was out of warranty anyway, and plugged them directly into my PC, which uses Windows 7. I connected them through a SATA link which I know is working. I can find the disk through BIOS, albeit with a ‘Master Boot Error’ message. When I press F1, Windows will start up as usual. However, when I am in the Windows desktop, it does not show up at all. I can still see it through the Device Manager window, but cannot find it on My Computer, Control Panel, or any other window. I tried to use a recovery program to get the data, but there was another error with this. I can see the data showing up (although funnily enough it says 4TB when I only have 2TB of data). Can someone help me recover my information?