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Resolve Issues With Your D-Link Network Attached Storage


I am using a D-Link NAS with my home network. I have 2 drives installed with 500GB of memory each, and they are running RAID 1. I set this up, and it was relatively simple considering some of the problems I have had with other devices. I then decided to upgrade the firmware. This is where I seem to have run into a problem, since I cannot get the NAS to do a network drive map using my Windows computer. It just won’t map. I tried creating a new Windows account and author, and nothing seems to have worked. I asked D Link tech support to help me. They seemed obsessed with the USB port that I don’t have, because it’s connected through Ethernet. I told them I wanted to create a map of the drive, no response. I don’t have any physical problem with the drive, that all seems to be fine, it is just that I can’t get the drive to map and gain access to my data.


I am using a D-Link DNS Storage system which also functions as a NAS. I bought this only recently, and am not having much success with it. I copied all my data to the NAS system and then after a few weeks the D-Link first tried to tell me that there was only one drive available. I had to remove the drives and format each one individually in order to allow the system to ‘see’ them. Then, I started to format them. I had them set up the way I wanted, but when I rebooted the device as requested in order to confirm the installation, I found that it wanted me to reformat both disks again. I reformatted, again, and then started sending files across. As the system was copying, there was a power outage in my area, and the system shut down. I started it up again, trying to work out the problem, and after the reboot had finished, I got the message asking me to format the drives. I had to do each one again, individually. Then turned it off, rebooted, and reformatted as before. However, this time, it is asking me to reformat the drives every time that I turn it off. It is getting absurd, and obviously I can’t use it as a NAS now.