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Hard Drive Failure

I was given an Adata 750GB USB 3 drive as a present and have been trying to get the thing set up with my laptop – a Sony Vaio. Every time I plug it in the Vaio asks me to format the drive and name the volume and I’ve done this a couple of times and then it stopped. I thought that was that and began loading stuff onto the drive for use when I go away. I’m in the services and about to head off on my final tour so wanted to load up movies, music and family photos to take with me. When I unplug the drive or switch the laptop off the drive is not recognized when I switch everything back on again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the big thing for me is the blue screen of death that keeps happening when I try to load a file from the drive. It seems to thing that the drive has been corrupted in some way and that all the files on their have been corrupted too because every file is the same – blue screen. Is there anything you can do to help because I can’t send the disc back and haven’t got time to wait for it to be sent off and possibly repaired?

Do you have any advice please? I have an old external drive. I don’t know the make or model of it to be honest because it has been passed down to me from my brother. He used to keep all of his university work on it and gave it to me for the same purpose and it has been a great little drive. The most I can tell you about it is that it’s a 500GB drive and is about 5 years old now. It has never been switched off although the computer has. The drive has its own power supply and I have always left it on because it seemed to register more easily when I switched the computer on. Cutting a long story short I switched the computer on last night and it told me that there was an I/O error on the external drive so I couldn’t get it to do anything for me although the lights were all flashing. It hasn’t been making any noises or beeping so I’m not sure what’s been going on. The power unit is functioning because I tried it on an external DVD drive so I know that isn’t the issue. I’m just bemused as to why it has suddenly stopped working. I’m wondering if it has simply run the course of its life or if there is something more sinister going on. That plus the fact I have a lot of PDFs on there that I’d like to keep.