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LaCie Data Recovery


I am having some difficulties with an external hard drive. It is a Lacie Rikiki, with 320gb. The problems started some time ago, with the complete slowing down of the device when it was transferring data. It would not speed up for any system, and in fact started to take nearly half an hour for just 100mb. Then the system slowed down to the point where I was waiting for the drive to even upload onto my computer. This meant that I had to plug it in and then wait for ages until the whole thing was ready. Sometimes, the drive would freeze. At this point, I did a CHKDSK scan, and discovered that there were several bad sectors. At the moment, I have done nothing, as I am still able to get data via Windows XP. However, it is still terribly slow, and even the ‘normal’ holding signal seems to take several minutes. It will indicate that the time to take to upload or download something will be minutes, then hours, and even days. This is the prelude to a freeze.


I recently acquired an older Lacie BigDisk Extreme hard drive. The data on it already was not wanted, and so I formatted the drive, and started to use it. A fortnight later, I have a number of projects and files on there which are needed for work. However, I am now having a problem with the system, in that it is no longer being recognised by my computers. I have tried the Lacie on both a Mac and a PC, but neither of them can see the drive. At first, I unplugged it and turned it off, then removed all of the plugs, plugged them into different sockets, and tried again. However, there are no results. I can hear nothing unusual in the drive itself, and there have been no accidents, burn outs or other reasons why the drive should fail. However, when I opened up the Lacie, I discovered that one of the drives is no longer spinning when the devices is plugged in. I know that Lacie has some problems with power supplies, but I am getting short on information. I think that I must have been recording on a RAID 0 to lose all the data like this, so need recovery for everything: drives, disks, the lot. Some help, please?