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Recover Data From An Acer Laptop


I have an Acer Aspire 5610 which is only about 6 months old. I have been using it regularly to download photographs of friends and relations into a folder, and also to save some family tree information into a single folder. I have been running a memory card with it, which it has always recognised, and which has been the primary location for most of the files I have installed. I was putting some photos and pictures into the memory card just yesterday. Today, when I started up Windows, it won’t recognise the drive. I have two memory cards, in fact, one of which is used to keep financial records on, and the Acer won’t recognise that, either. I need the data recovered.


I have an Acer Aspire 5570 which I have recently had to provide a new power supply for. The old one shorted out for some reason, and even though I had a shock preventer attached to the socket, it still was not enough to protect the power supply. I removed the socket from the inside of the laptop, and replaced it with a new one, and I also purchased a new power cord. I am not sure where the shock came from, and so when I discovered that the laptop now will not power on, and that there are no lights, not even the on button light which usually comes on when the finger presses the button. None of the other devices has any lights of any kind, not even for a second. I also cannot hear the fan or the hard drive spinning around. This makes me think that there is something more seriously wrong than just a damaged power cord. I have data on the hard drive that I really want to extract.