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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


My Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 will not now boot up into Windows. It was working fine for a long time, and then I have not been able to get any response from it for about a week. I have tried rebooting it several times, and I have also tried logging into safe mode, as well as Last Known Good Configuration. No matter what I do, it will still not work. All that happens is that it goes onto the loading screen, the Icon appears, and then the page freezes up completely. I have a lot of data installed on the hard drive which I need to get back.


The screen display of my Fujitsu Amilo D8820 has gone dark. I mean that it appears to have a kind of semi-translucent veil over the display. If I am using the laptop normally, with it on the table in front of me, then I can’t see a thing. I can only see that the lights are on in the computer, and hear the fan running. If I take it over to the window, and tilt it so that light is shining directly into the computer, then I can see a few little things, such as the Windows logo or my OS screen. I can’t see any of the icons, I assume because they are too small to see, and this means that I can’t recover data.