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What To Do When Your Macbook Pro Fails


I have a Macbook Pro laptop which is not booting up into my OS. I get a constant grey screen, which has the Apple logo in the centre, and then a spinning circle, indicating that it is waiting for something. Occasionally, I get a probationary circle, which is usually the next step before the OS comes on, but then it goes back to the spinning circle again. I have tried to boot up several times from the laptop, and it won’t do anything but go to this grey screen, I can’t see any signs of damage to the laptop, and I wasn’t upgrading or downloading anything when it started. In fact, the Mac had been sitting on my desk overnight. I assume that the problem with the spinning circle means that there is a hard drive failure.


I am using a Macbook Pro, I think it is from 2008 but the number on the laptop says 4. I am having a problem with locked files, I added security to my user profile a while back and now I cannot gain access to any of the files. I uninstalled the security program but the security still remains. I need the data from the drive.