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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


Hello. I need urgent help with a Toshiba Satellite A305 system which will not boot up. Unfortunately, my college-student son has a large number of files on there, including files containing assignments, lectures and notes, and work schedules. When I try to boot it up, I get the Toshiba splash screen, and then it just goes blank. There is no error message, and I am not getting into BIOS. I have tried to boot into the system recovery, after getting help from Tech Support, but I when I tried to recover the laptop using this method, I got more error messages. The message I see most is BOOTMGR missing. I have tried to go into BIOS using the F keys and tried to ensure that the hard drive is the only boot drive available, but I am still having no luck at all with the restore. I need to be able to get into that hard drive because it has all these important files on it, and my son has not backed up or saved the details anywhere.


I have a relatively new Toshiba Satellite C850, which is not booting up at all. It will either go into the splash screen, and then just go blank, or there is a blue screen of death, before the Toshiba sign appears and I get a message which says attempting repairs. After the repairs message, the blank screen pops up again. I need the data on the hard drive, so I have removed it, and put it onto my desktop. I plugged the drive into the computer through a SATA cable, but then the PC refused to boot, just got stuck after the loading Windows screen. I tried to plug the hard drive back into the laptop, and got a Windows recovery disk in order to repair the operating system. This did not work, and so I transferred the hard drive back to the PC, and tried to fix it using recovery tolls on there. However, all I got was a Windows 8 logo, and then nothing.