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Mac Recovery


I have a Macbook Air which is not behaving itself. I have found that it keeps turning itself off when I am in the middle of using it, and that data and software apps keep falling off of the system when I reboot. These apps are not always very cheap, and so it would cost me quite a lot to keep on replacing them. I thought at first that I had just a problem with the power cable, so I replaced that. I then also replaced the power console through a local repair shop, but this has not changed the behaviour of the computer. I thought it might be sleep mode, but there must be something else behind it, as it keeps mislaying this data. I have now lost quite a lot of Access database data files that I can’t afford to replace, and I have also lost a number of documents while I have been working on them.


I have been using an iMac, and recently decided to create a partition so that I could use Bootcamp. I then decided to expand the partition so that the free space in my computer was shared equally between the two sides. I used the program iPartition to change the size, and at the beginning this seemed to have worked without problem. I have the Windows OS running in Bootcamp, and I have saved a number of Word documents into the hard drive there. However, after I had been using the partition for a while, I got a message from the computer which said ‘Unmounting disks’. This box appeared on the screen, and stayed there for more than an hour, with 0% completed. I decided to shut down and then reboot the system, and I went into the back of the iMac and unplugged the hard drive, then plugged it back in. It seems like everything on the Windows part of the iMac has crashed. When I go into the Mac Disk Utilities, I get a list of catastrophic failures, and it can’t seem to access the hard drive from that partition in Finder. I can see the hard drive in Windows, but I am not able to see any the data I had saved.