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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC


I am having some problems with a Dell Inspiron 530. I wanted to try and run Windows Vista in order to get a better install than the one I had before, which was missing loads of drivers and constantly sends up error messages. I decided to do an upgrade of the PC. I then put my Windows Vista CD into the drive, and started the computer up. It booted up as usual, and I heard the hard drive spin around. Then a message came up saying “No Operating System”. I have been into BIOS, and tried to make it go onto the CD Rom, but either I don’t know how to do this properly, or the computer isn’t obeying. I know that the computer can see both the CD Rom and the hard drive, as BIOS shows them both as working.


I have a Dell Dimension 3000 with Intel. I am having a problem with the OS itself, rather than with the startup or BIOS. What is happening is that I can be on the desktop, and if I click any one of the Windows icons, or the Start button, the monitor will suddenly focus upon the wallpaper photograph, and stop showing the icons in front of it. Nothing I can do will stop it doing this, and once that photograph appears, I cannot get into the icons or the start button. I can’t even shut it down properly, but have to turn it off through the manual power button. I don’t really know what is going on, but it is preventing me from using the system and as a result I cannot access my data.