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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I have an HP Pavilion HPE which is suddenly emitting a number of warning signals about the state of the computer. The most serious one is that it is suggesting that the hard drive in the computer has a number of bad sectors. The SMART system suggests that there is likely to be an imminent failure of the drives, including the internal hard drive which has a lot of data on. I mostly work for companies as a consultant, and so there is precious and confidential data on the hard drive which has to be recovered before the computer can be repaired. This data was in my hands last, and needs to be protected, so it is very important that the information is recovered.


I am running an HP Envy Phoenix which appears to be having some trouble working with my operating system. Whenever I start up, the computer puts up an error message which says ‘Windows ran into a problem and needs to restart’. This can go on for several cycles, until I finally get into my desktop. The main problem is that some of the files on my hard drive have become corrupt because of this constant cycling, and I am wondering if the hard drive has sector which is causing the problem with the start up. The main point of the problem seems to be that I can’t get the files on my drive to open. For example, if I wanted to open a Word document, and clicked on to it, the computer would refuse, saying that the file is invalid, or cannot be located. It won’t open it up so that I can read the information on it, and it also won’t allow me to copy or move these files onto a USB port. This problem is causing me a lot of worry, as some of those files have important information on them.