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Data Recovery From Packard Bell PCs


I have bought a Packard Bell iMedia desktop tower, but am experiencing some problems trying to connect the computer to my server storage unit. The main problem is that the computer will not connect wirelessly with the server, and keeps logging off. This is a major problem because when I removed the data from my old tower, with the intention of replacing it with the iMedia model, I put all of the data, including work documents, software packages, and other programs, onto the server. I want to extract that data back onto the iMedia so that I can use it when I am working from home. At the moment, no transfer has been successful because the computer just logs off all the time. I want to be able to recover the data as soon as possible, as currently it is preventing me from working at home and I have to travel to work each day. I need that data off of the server, regardless of where it is going to be put.


I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme 5622 which is not starting up properly. I decided that a repair was necessary, and so I ran the recovery disks in order to restore the OS. However, each time the repair is done, the system goes straight into the desktop, but there are none of the icons present, nor the start button or the task bar. I can use the mouse which is connected through one of the USB ports, but I can’t do anything by pressing any of the buttons, and I also can’t get into the Start button to shut the computer down normally. I have tried to take out the old hard drive, and test it using another computer, but this is reported as not working properly. The two partitions in the drive can be seen, but when I tried to copy the data onto this computer, the system would not allow it. I tried to do a data recovery program when I was on the other computer, but it has not worked, apparently. I really need help to recover this data, and get it moved onto my spare computer.