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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I would like some help with a Seagate hard drive that has been displaying some problems, including what the computer says is a ‘spin error’. This spinning error was not happening while the drive was in the system; that was a completely different problem which was to do with bad sectors. The hard drive appears to be dead, and this is a big problem for me, because there is a lot of important information on the drive. I have the drive set up in a RAID0 array system on a server, which means that the data contained on not only this drive, but also the others, could have been lost due to the failure of the one drive. I have tried to recover the drive using software, including a full partition regeneration, hoping that this would recover the drive enough to allow me to get the data off of it. However, this seems to have made the problem worse, because there is a couple of clicks, and then the error messages, which actually only started recently so the system is degrading at an alarming rate!


I have been using an IBM server which has a hard drive that is no longer working. Although the server itself is booting up correctly, the hard drive itself has failed. I have a setup which consists of a RAID 0 array, so if any of the drives have gone, this would mean that I could not use the server at all. Data saved onto the drives in the server is not available for me to view, so I can’t see files or folders. I am getting an error message saying that the RAID is not available as one of the drives has failed or is defunct. I have tried to find out which of the drives has failed, but I am not seeing any red lights on the server itself, all of the lights associated with the drives are green, so I can’t remove and rebuild. I can’t locate the array in BIOS, as it seems to have fallen off that system. I am concerned that I will suffer data corruption because I am using RAID 0.