Chiltern Data Recovery

Data Recovery Chiltern: Whether you are a business user or a domestic user the data on your computer or attached storage device is of great importance to you and our data recovery engineers understand only too well. With this in mind our engineers are on hand Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm to help with the process of recovering your data from a failed hard drive or similar such storage device that has finally given up. Hard drives, external hard disk drives, RAID servers, USB memory sticks – we are able to recover data from storage devices right across the spectrum and in doing so have helped companies and individual users alike save valuable money and reduce the amount time lost trying to retrieve it from older sources. To find out more or to obtain a no obligation quotation call our team today on 0118 9071029.

When a hard drive fails you may be lucky enough (although lucky is probably the last thing you will feel!) to receive some kind of warning which will enable you to switch your computer off correctly and thus reduce the risks to further damaging your data. Our data recovery Chiltern engineers recommend powering down your computer is you are given any warning and seeking advice from them before doing anything else. We also heartily recommend not allowing anyone else to try and use the computer during this time.

If you have been given an audible warning such as a high pitched beep from your computer’s on-board speakers or what has often been described as the sound of ‘metal grating against metal’ then we suggest taking the same action – power down the machine and ensure that it cannot be interfered with by other users; continuing to try and use a hard drive that is in process of failing may only seek to speed up the malfunction and make recovery more difficult. Our data recovery Chiltern engineers recommend leaving the machine switched off and contacting us as being the best policy in these circumstances.

We offer three distinct types of recovery Standard, Express and Critical and in doing so cover all budgets and timescales – our data recovery solutions ensure that you are reunited with 100% of your data in as short a timescale as possible whilst also allowing for the best value for money among data recovery companies available in and around the Chiltern and Buckinghamshire area.

Switching your computer off at the first sign of a drive failure can only seek to increase the chances of a successful recovery

Our data recovery Chiltern engineers cannot recommend strongly enough the process of powering down your computer in the event of an error displaying itself. We know that some computer users will try to continue using their computer after it has frozen or rebooted itself over and over but in doing so this only seeks to reduce the length of time your drive has left before a complete failure takes place. Our team of professionals cannot recommend strongly enough switching your computer off to reduce risk to the affected drive.

If your hard drive has failed without any warning call us today on 0118 9071029 and speak to a member of our team about how our data recovery Chiltern engineers can help retrieve your data quickly and with a cost that won’t empty your bank account. (Our quotation may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical damage but our engineers will talk you through this). If you want us to continue with the recovery process we will need to have possession of the affected drive so we ask that you send it to us at our data recovery Chiltern and Buckinghamshire centre which you can do using the postal service, courier or indeed if you are nearby you can drop it in personally. We recommend registering or recording your device if using the postal service as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of a storage device in transit.

On receipt of the drive our data recovery Chiltern engineers will make a full and final diagnosis of the problem and contact you via email which will contain a detailed list of all the data that can be successfully recovered (if the data exceeds 30GBs volume we will ask you to purchase an external storage device from our stocks). Once you are happy that we can recover all of the data you need we ask that you make full payment to us using either credit or debit card or BACS transfer (we do not accept PayPal). On receiving full payment we recover the data to its new media/storage device and return it to you via next day courier. To find out more call us today on 0118 9071029 and speak to one of our experienced and friendly engineers. Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 6pm and an engineer will be on hand to take your call. Our data recovery centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm also (except Easter and Christmas Day).