Hart Data Recovery

Data Recovery Hart: Hard drives, external hard disk drives, mass storage devices, network attached storage (NAS) devices, RAID servers, email servers, USB-connectable devices such as memory sticks and SD flash memory cards – our engineers have been recovering data from these devices plus a whole lot more for the last 16 + years. In that time we have helped small to medium sized businesses, corporations, large multi-nationals, educational institutions and healthcare professionals to be reunited with their data that might otherwise have been written off. For more information on how we can help recover your data and keep your business running smoothly contact our team today on 0118 9071029.

Try and think of the worst thing possible when it comes to using a computer and most people often hit upon losing their data without having a backup they can use. It is something that makes many computer users freeze over and our data recovery Hart engineers have been assisting with the retrieval of computer users’ data now for over 16 years, in that time ensuring the safe return of customer data, invoicing data, accounting data; data that in general when put together helps keep a business moving.

There are so many reasons as to why hard drives fail but generally the most common are issues with components (sub-standard or simply suffering from general wear and tear), firmware that has become corrupted or out of date, or issues with compatibility between operating systems and the hard drives (storage devices) that they are required to read. Our data recovery Hart engineers are often tasked with the job of providing recovery services to users just like you who have found that they have lost access to their data for no discernible reason.

We provide hard drive recovery solutions to anyone who needs them. If you have lost the data from your hard drive or similar such storage device or can see the data but no longer access it then you need the assistance of Hart’s premier data recovery solutions provider.

I can’t update my firmware even though it is asking me too

You may find on occasion that a hard drive requires updating at firmware level. The firmware will either be stored on the boot sector of the disk or on a so-called ‘logic board’ (controller board) attached to the drive; this is more common in older drives. Whereas the BIOS settings (Basic Input/Output Settings) may suggest an upgrade it is not always possible to perform one thus causing your hard drive to fail and therefore needing to call upon the services of our data recovery Hart personnel. When this happens you may find that your hard drive reports a smaller than actually size volume which the operating system interprets as being an error in its entirety.

If your drive is reporting problems with its volume then you should contact our data recovery Hart and Hampshire engineers today on 0118 9071029 and we can advise you on how to proceed. Our engineers can give you an initial diagnosis over the telephone by asking you a series of questions and also provide a no obligation quote. (There may be an additional charge for recovery carried out on a drive that has suffered damage through mechanical failings).

Once you have agreed to our quotation you can send your drive to us via postal service or courier. You might even like to deliver the hard drive to us in person if you live or work near our data recovery Hart centre. Upon receiving the storage device our engineers will make a final absolute diagnosis and send you an email with the details of all the files that can be recovered. If you are happy with this then on receipt of payment via credit/debit card or BACS transfer we will return your data to you on a new storage medium. We DO NOT accept PayPal. (If the data is larger in volume than 30GBs we will ask that you purchase an external storage device onto which the data can be recovered. We have a variety of them in stock to choose from). Call us today for further information or to book your storage device in for recovery. Our telephone number is 0118 9071029 and our data recovery centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.