Lewes Data Recovery

Data Recovery Lewes: Hard drives are the workhorse of the IT industry and as with all components within a computer or attached to a network they are susceptible to failure. Some fail because of overuse (general wear and tear), some because of issues with firmware and some because of problems with operating systems and software compatibility. Whatever the reason for the failure of your hard drive though our engineers can recover the data from the failed device and restore it to a new media (storage device) and return it to you quickly, cost effectively and with the highest rate of success possible. That is why we are the data recovery solutions provider with a record that is second to none. To find out more, to ask for a no obligation quotation or to book your storage device in for recovery, call our engineers today on 0118 9071029.

What do you use your computer for; business use such as accounts, invoicing, customer databases, producing delivery schedules; coursework at home or for use in the pursuit of your favourite hobby? Whatever you use your computer for your data is what is most important to you. When a hard drive dies then the first consideration is ‘How do I get my data back?’ as opposed to ‘What kind of hard drive do I install in its place?’. Our data recovery Lewes engineers have been helping to answer the ‘How do I get my data back?’ question for over a decade and a half now and in that time have answered it with the maximum amount of success, rescuing thousands of terabytes of data from almost certain oblivion and helping users just like you continue with the work you need to do.

Hard drives have no definable life expectancy and trying to average one would be difficult because each drive works at a different level depending on the user(s) who access it on a daily basis. Our data recovery Lewes engineers have been privy to the task of recovering data from hard drives that have been years old and some that have been only a matter of months old but have not been covered by a data recovery clause by the manufacturer.

As the premier hard drive recovery solutions provider in Lewes our engineers have been tasked regularly with the job of retrieving data from hard drives that have failed without warning; both new drives and drives that have seen the installation of more than one operating system and perhaps the creation of more than one partition. Whatever the age, the make, the volume, our engineers have the tools and the knowledge to make data recovery a reality when most might consider it something of a technological pipe dream.

Helping with the recovery process when the warranty says ‘No’!

As we have touched upon our data recovery Lewes engineers have been responsible for the recovery of data from a whole host of hard drives and similar such storage devices; some of them have not been very old but have failed perhaps because of being assemble using less than standard components that have made it through quality control’s net. Whatever the reason though in the absence of a data recovery clause in the manufacturer’s warranty our personnel have stepped in and made data recovery a reality before it was too late. This applies also to RAID devices where one or more drive(s) have failed leaving those attached to the network unable to access or alter the information already on the array.

If you are having problems with a RAID device then our data recovery Lewes personnel can with the recovery of data from the failing drives and with the rebuilding of the array after the installation of a new drive(s). Sometimes the controller card(s) -if the array is operated via a stand-alone PC does not register the addition of new drive(s). If this is something you are experiencing then call us on 0118 9071029 and a member of our team will make an initial diagnosis and provide you with a no obligation quote. You should also be aware there may be an additional charge levied if the drive(s) have failed because of mechanical damage. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed you can send the drive(s) to us using post or courier or delivering the drive(s) personally our data recovery Lewes and East Sussex centre.

A member of our data recovery Lewes team will make a full diagnosis of the problem disks once they arrive and report back to you via email with a list of the files and folders (file structure included) that can be recovered. If you are agreeable then upon receipt of full payment via credit/debit card or BACS transfer we can recover the data to a replacement media. (If the data amounts to more than 30GBs in size then an external drive or storage device will need to be purchased and we have a wide range in stock for you to choose from). Once we have recovered the data we can return it to you via next day courier or have an engineer visit you on site to help with the rebuild. Contact us today on 0118 9071029 to discuss your requirements and the different service levels available to all our customers. Our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (Christmas Day and Easter excepted).