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RAID 1 Server Errors And Volume Reconstruction Problems:

Servers and computers are able to increase their storage capacity by using RAID (Random Array of Inexpensive Disks), which is where a collection of hard drives are arranged to work together resulting in what looks like one big drive to the computer or server. RAID faults can occur for many different reasons, which we will explore below, however it is important that should RAID 1 problems be experienced that you contact a RAID data recovery specialist to recover important and valuable data from your systems. Common indications of impending RAID failures include multiple disk failure, loss of configuration settings, loss of data or issues after system upgrades and missing RAID 1 partitions. We are experts in RAID data recovery and we have seen issues of many types – below we share common causes for RAID 0 faults:

RAID 1 Hard Drive Multiple Disk Corruption:

If one of the hard drives or multiple hard drives fail in a RAID 1 array, you might notice a number of sounds coming from the hard drives. These sounds could include humming, whirring, clicking, bleeps, ticks or a buzzing sound. If the motor stops working you will hear bleeping, whirring or buzzing sounds, and if there is a failure with the read or write heads you will tend to hear clicks, which is one of the most common reasons that we are contacted for data recovery. These issues are normally experienced if the hard drive has had a physical knock. Your files are not lost as we can recover data from RAID 1 hard drives that have mechanical problems or that have been dropped or knocked.

RAID 1 Rebuild Loss Of Configuration & System Registry:

If all of the hard drive equipment and other parts of your RAID 1 setup are not working correctly, then you will experience issues when rebuilding your RAID setup. RAID rebuild failure is the most common reason that we get calls for data recovery from RAID arrays. Many people do not realise that by attempting to rebuild a RAID setup, there is a high data loss risk. If you have partly or completely rebuilt a RAID system and have experienced issues and lost data, please contact us for RAID data recovery solutions. If you are planning a rebuild, it is vital that you contact our RAID 1 data recovery experts before attempting a RAID rebuild to prevent data loss.

RAID 1 Array Firmware Degradation:

A dead PCB in a RAID 1 array usually occurs after a power surge and when electronic faults occur for this reason, it is likely that some or all of the hard drives in your RAID setup are dead and no longer usable. In the case of firmware corruption, this is usually caused by damaged disk platters but we do also receive a large number of calls for RAID system data recovery after firmware upgrade attempts that lead to a fault or failure. We are highly experienced and confident in RAID 1 data recovery after firmware corruption and with dead PCBs.

RAID 1 Controller Fault Tolerance:

We experience many cases whereby a RAID 0 controller fails and often we are told that the RAID card is replaced but the system still will not start up. In our experience, there are various reasons why a RAID controller replacement does not rectify the issues. These can include missing partitions after rebuild, firmware conflicts, incorrect card version being used, system upgrades causing issues and issues after disk replacement. We are able to successfully recover all of your data from a RAID 1 array.

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