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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I am currently using a 1TB drive as my main OS boot. I know that this drive is failing, and so I decided to expand onto a RAID 1 array using a pair of new 3TB drives. I ran the install and updated the drives, but when I tried to transfer data to the new array, I received a fail message. I shut down the system, and now cannot boot into Windows from any drive. Each time I start the system up, I can get as far as the starting Windows loading screen, and then the computer will just shut down automatically. I tried to install the Windows OS onto the RAID, and ran that as my main drive, but it still will not boot up. I am not able to get any further into the system than this, and I fear that the hard drive has lost all of my data.


I have an Intel server and a hard drive array consisting of two Hitachi hard drives. I currently have the hard drives set into AHCI, but I decided recently that I would convert the drives into RAID 1, in order to protect my data a bit better. This seemed like a great idea, but when I went to follow through with the idea, I started to struggle. I have turned on the RAID controller in BIOS, but the next time I rebooted, I got only a blue screen of death, and the system will not start up. I don’t understand why the disks will not convert to RAID 1, and I don’t understand why the controller being changed is causing so many problems. The main issue is that I am no longer able to see the data on the AHCI drives, some of which I wanted to keep. There is also a copy of the OS which I will need.